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Promotional code / vouchers

Promotional code / vouchers

Tuesday 17 January 2006 3:32:05 pm

Hi there,

I have develop a e-commerce website for one of our client. We are planning to develop a bigger e-commerce website in the coming day.

I have develop some stuff to manage tracking number (I need to clean it in order to publish this as a contrib...). I have feature in plans, but before starting developping it, I would like to know if someone as already think about it or develop it. It is a system of promotional code / vouchers.

User could enter a code in the basket before checkout, which will give him a discount. Well you know this, no need to argue (as my english is not nice).

So if you have any idea, suggestions or contributions that could help me to implement this feature in eZ, you're welcome blunk.gif Emoticon


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