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Python application with EZ

Python application with EZ

Thursday 23 August 2007 9:33:40 pm - 2 replies

I would like to known if it is possible to use Python application with EZ (I see that this CMS is based on PHP...) or if it is better that I use Plone for my website...
I'm choosing the CMS (in order to create my website) and I think tath EZ is more simple to use than Plone, but I wouldn't loss my application in Python...

Thanks for the answer....


Friday 28 December 2007 11:45:58 am

If you know Python but not PHP, go with Plone. If you know PHP, go with eZ. If you know both PHP and Python, it's a call only you can make.

I've evaluated both platforms pretty closely. In short, EzPublish is a little more powerful, Plone is a little easier to use and develop for (Python/PHP issues aside).

Thursday 11 January 2018 6:18:22 am

This link could help you with the Python solution, please check this:


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