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Questions on Keywords/Tags

Questions on Keywords/Tags

Saturday 05 March 2011 2:32:08 pm - 1 reply

Hi there,

i'm using the keyword datatype in order to tag objects and have two questions about this.


  1. Does anybody by chance have a clue on the "keyword with slashes" issue, that i had reported a year ago ? See http://issues.ez.no/IssueView.php?Id=16674&ProjectId=3
  2. What (extension?) is used here at share.ez.no for the "tag input" in the forum? i suggests similar keywords while i type and stores a keyword, whenever i press "Comma" or "Enter". Then it prints it in a list. Nice. The only glitch i see here: How to remove a tag, that was accidentially entered? I see, this was reported earlier at http://issues.ez.no/IssueView.php?Id=17333

Modified on Saturday 05 March 2011 5:58:19 pm by Marco Zinn

Wednesday 06 April 2011 4:36:04 pm

Hi Marco,

I guess you should take a look at: http://projects.ez.no/eztags

Modified on Wednesday 06 April 2011 4:42:11 pm by Jean-Luc Nguyen


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