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"Read more..." in ezwebin

"Read more..." in ezwebin

Monday 10 November 2008 9:46:20 pm - 1 reply

How can I display the "read more..." link at the bottom of the article summary, when (and only when) a body exists. Indeed, it is not really evident for the users that the article is bigger and they must click on the title to view the body.
Also I would like translate this link ("lire la suite..." in french)
(I am using the ezwebin package)

Thanks for your help

Thursday 13 November 2008 12:39:23 pm

   {section show=$node.data_map.body.content.is_empty|not}
        <div class="attribute-link">
            <p><a href={$node.url_alias|ezurl}>{"Read more..."|i18n("design/base")}</a></p>


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