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Really change hardcoded links in admin/../pagelayout?? Plus: docu suggestions

Really change hardcoded links in admin/../pagelayout?? Plus: docu suggestions

Wednesday 23 July 2003 6:30:47 pm - 1 reply

Just as many many other users, I'm having vast difficulties starting a site (as simple as possible) from scratch.

What I did so far:
- created new database, run kernel_schema.sql and clean_data.sql on it (mysql)
- created a new folder under /design that is supposed to contain my own templates, copied demo's pagelayout.tpl into it
- created a new folder with the same name under /settings/siteaccess, copied demo's site.ini.append into it, changed SiteDesign directive and added debug output and disabled caching. I skipped override.ini.append, because I didn't feel it was necessary

Starting admin now, the "Contents" button links to /content/view/full/2, which results in an "object not available" message. I guess this is supposed to point to my "Root Folder" which ID can be found in ezcontentobject, right? So /content/view/full/1 should show me what I expect, and it does.
My ID for Users is 4 (and not 5, where the link points to) so /content/view/full/4 should bring me to the users section: no, it doesn't, in fact, /content/view/full/1 is the only link that shows me sth. at all.

So far so bad.

At least I wanted to get my "Contents" link right and looked around, where the system might get it from until I found it hardcoded in admin/templates/pagelayout.tpl!

Am I missing sth. or is it really neccessary to adapt the admin-templates as a step of creating a new site?!? Why can I not access my users area which is supposed to be /content/view/full/4?

Btw., clean_data.sql stores "Root Folder" with ID=1 and "Users" with ID=4, so the link problem is really avoidable when the hardcoded link would be correct - although I hope that admin/templates/pagelayout.tpl doesn't come into game when done the right - not my - way!

Thanks for answers to my problem!

And now sth. that can't be said often enough imo:
1. eZ publish will grow if it aquires enough users developing on it.
2. Developers are under (time-)pressure, they need some results.
3. For these two to come together, some sort of success-experience is necessary on the users/developers side.

So what we need is some kind of "eZ publish for dummies"!
Give us a step by step guide (and I mean step-by-step!) that gives detailed information about how to set up a site from scratch, so someone can learn the basic functionality in a by-doing-manner. That should include instructions sth. like:
- create a new directory under /design choosing any name that represents your site
- copy pagelayout.tpl from directory yx (given a dir where a absolutely blank templates can be found that holds only the crucial placeholders)
[- copy optionally other files ]
- take ini-files x, y and z and edit the settings for a, b and c [..]

and so on, you get the idea...

In a nutshell: demo data is WAY too complicated and doesn't help me (and probably others) at all. On the other hand, I am not able to start from scratch because I encounter problems which are not addressed neither in tutorials nor in the documentation. This is probably where the cycle ends for lots of users.

Concerning the documentation, dont' focus on documentating advanced features while there's still too much hassle for the normal intelligent user to even set up the simplest site one could possibly think of, make the first step or two reachable for EVERYONE.

Maybe some step-by-step guide may evolve from this. Users should state their problems they encoutered and then we will certainly get rid of all the obstacles that hinder user and esp. developers to use eZ publish.

And I'm sure that this is a product definitely worth the effort (among loads of kiddy-script shit labeled CMS that can be found under all these PHP-based applications - there are not many good out there!)

Thanks for your attention and best regards!


Wednesday 23 July 2003 6:46:04 pm

I just realized there's another thread, addressing the same problem:

Let's make this a constructive exchange between us users and eZ in order to sort out the biggest obstacles as fast as possible



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