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recursive override

recursive override

Monday 10 September 2007 5:21:28 am - 4 replies

I need to override a template for the grandchildren of a node.

Match[node] doesn't work, Match[parent_node] seems to only affect the children, Match[navigation_part] doesn't seem to work at all...

I've tried - guessing, as a last resort! - Match[subtree] but that doesn't work either.

Is this possible? The documentation for override conditions is a little... sketchy!

For those interested, my use-case is that I'm putting calendar events into 'year' subfolders to reduce the amount of future clutter.

Monday 10 September 2007 9:45:08 am


Can you work around this by overriding the template using, depth, class, parent_class and section ( perhaps more ) conditions at the same time.

See also:

Tuesday 11 September 2007 4:32:35 am

Hi Kåre

So I could conceivably use parent_node + depth? Is depth in this context relative to the specified node, or is it absolute?

Would the following:


give you two levels below node 2477, or two levels below the top level?

As a matter of interest, how does navigation_part_identifier work? I would expect it to affect any node, or nodes, whose url includes a string, is this not the case?


Monday 05 September 2011 11:57:24 pm

I need to override a template for the grandchildren of a node.



of a class folder, for instance, overrides all the nodes from the one so called down in depth.

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Tuesday 06 September 2011 9:54:51 am

A long time ago we added "path_string" as a hack to one of our sites... it's a bit involved, requiring a handful of changes to a handful of files.  If you're interested I can maybe put together a diff of the files.

If lots of people are interested in this, then maybe I can do a pull request.

Edit: and then I notice that this is a conversation from 4 years ago.

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