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Redirect on Logout

Redirect on Logout

Saturday 07 February 2004 11:44:30 pm - 8 replies

A forum post for 2.2 suggested changing the line "LogoutRedirect=/user/login" in site.ini.append. However, in 3.3.2 this line doesn't appear to exist in this file.

How can I redirect a user to a public page when they logout?

Any help will be greatly appreciated as always!

Sunday 08 February 2004 12:31:50 am

I just downloaded the latest stable version; the following lines are present in site.ini:

# Which url to redirect after a logout

Simply change the line to something else. For example: LogoutRedirect=/home or /content/view/full/2 etc.


PS: 2.x and 3.x series of eZp are totally different (!).

Modified on Sunday 08 February 2004 12:32:12 am by Balazs Halasy

Tuesday 10 February 2004 10:21:23 am

Thanks Balazs, but I need to redirect on logout in 3.3.2. I have been able to redirect on LOGIN, using:

<input type="hidden" name="RedirectURI" value={"/home"|ezroot}>

... but I cannot redirect on logout using a similar method. Any further help will be greatly appreciated!

Tuesday 10 February 2004 11:15:42 am

Hi again,

My previous post contains the solution to your problem. Use the mentioned ini-setting to do a custom redirection after logout. As far as I'm concerned, it is not possible to do a redirect in the same fashion as with the login. If the LogoutRedirect (or what is it called) setting is not present in the ini file(s) then you'll simply just have to add it yourself. That's it.


Wednesday 11 February 2004 12:26:50 pm

Hi Balazs, I'm afraid that's still not working. When I logout I am redirected to /user/login.

Which section of settings/siteaccess/site.ini.append should this line be added to?
I have already tried [SiteSettings] and [SiteAccessSettings] with no success.

Thanks for your continued help!

Tuesday 27 April 2004 3:23:11 pm


Works when adding


to settings/override/site.ini.append.php

Kåre Høvik

Wednesday 02 June 2004 1:48:04 pm

Many thanks. I'm now on my 3rd eZ site, so it's nice to have that working now.

Tuesday 10 January 2006 2:12:13 pm

Would it be a suggestion to build in this feature of setting a redirect-location on logout in the templates?

When logging in, you can pass the $node.node_id, so one doesn't lose focus when logging in. I would like the same to ben possible for logging out.

Please correct me if this feature is already realised. (or if this is not the place for such a request)

Wednesday 17 May 2006 5:50:35 pm


is it possible in some way to set a "RedirectURI" on logout (as posted by William Steenbergh)?

For my situation, setting a static logout url using RedirecURL in site.ini is not enought, 'cause I want to redirect user in different page depending from the context.

Thanks in advance for any help


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