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RegionalSettings for multilingual site

RegionalSettings for multilingual site

Friday 31 March 2006 4:34:22 pm - 3 replies

int the old documentation (http://ez.no/products/ez_publish/...et/how_to_setup_a_multilingual_site)
You say:
"...Text translation is automatically disabled when the Locale is set to eng-GB in settings/site.ini. Since we will need text translation, we have to change these variable settings in the settings/site.ini (otherwise the above work will not take effect). In settings/override/site.ini.append(.php) you can't override Locale, HTTPLocale and ContentObjectLocale; these are set in the siteaccess ini files. So first, in the settings/site.ini file, we comment out the following parts (with the '#' mark)..."

This sentence is still true for recent EzPublish versions (3.6, 3.7)?
I don't find detailed explanations for multilingual sites in the new docs.

Thanks in advance,

Thursday 18 May 2006 7:35:33 pm


No one interested in this topic?

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Thursday 18 May 2006 8:25:51 pm

I do.

Text translation can be explicitly enabled if you are using none eng locale

I agree that ez 3.8 definitely requires an update doc

Friday 19 May 2006 10:28:24 am

The new multilanguage features of 3.8 are described in detail here:


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