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role & policies of user account attribute

role & policies of user account attribute

Wednesday 12 November 2014 12:49:50 pm - 9 replies

Hi to all,

I've create and object (let's said "SecialFolder"blunk.gif Emoticon with an attribute containing "Uzer account".

My problem is to permite my uzer to logg in but only under his "SpecialFolder". When I tried to loggin via the Front Office, I've got an unauthorised access to my siteacces -> You don't have permission to access to "FRE". Why ?

I know well how to dead with role/pollicies/uzer from the back office, but this kind of uzer (created with "uzer account" attribute) are not listed here.

By the way, what role have this kind of uzer ? I can't find them in the BO under "uzers account" tab.

Any help are welcome.



Wednesday 12 November 2014 1:27:17 pm

Hello Peretjatko,

User role policies can be tricky.

It sounds like you have not yet created a custom role (with user login policy) and assigned it your usergroup / user.

It would help if you shared your user role policies so we can make more specific recommendations.


Wednesday 12 November 2014 1:57:33 pm

Yes, you are right : I didn't define any custom role and policies yet.

I didn't because I don't know in which usergroup are my user created with this attribute. How can I put them in a group ?



Wednesday 12 November 2014 2:21:24 pm

Hello Peretjatko,

You can create a custom user group to store your users within and assign a custom role to the user group.

Just go to

and create a user group using the sub items panel.

It's fairly simple thing to do happy.gif Emoticon


Wednesday 12 November 2014 3:04:36 pm

Hello Heath,

Yes you are right this is simple to do, but my problem doesn't come from here, let me explain differently :

I need to give acces to my SpecialFolders (and his content) to a specific user. For that in the SpecialFolder classe attributes, I add a "User account" attribute.

Problem num 1 : When I create a SpecialFolder object, I filled the "User account" attribute to define a new user, but I don't know how to give right access to this user to edit the SpecialFolder and his content (and only this SpecialFolder). I guess I have to play around with owner right, but I don't know where.

Problem num 2 : I can't loggin in the Front Office with my new user because EZ complain about right permission to my siteaccess. Yet, anonymous users and all other usergroups have login permission to this siteaccess.



Wednesday 12 November 2014 3:12:10 pm

Hello Peretjatko,

Thank you for sharing more information.

You are going about solving this problem in the wrong way.

You can not use the 'user account' attribute in the way your trying to.

Your trying to mix up content and user content in a way eZ is not designed to support.

I think can help you but not if your going to continue in the manner your trying to do.

Your not using user or roles correctly. You need to assign a custom role to your specific user or user group (which can be done, use a user group to be more flexible).


Wednesday 12 November 2014 5:22:08 pm

Mmmmm something going wrong in my EZ publish configuration...

When I tried to register a new user from the "register" link on the top, EZ complain about the email I give ( "User account: A user with this email already exists" ). I guess all my users are created but I can't find them in the Back office.

My settings for my siteaccess :





But there are no users under "members" group ( ID 12 ), where are they ?

Wednesday 12 November 2014 6:35:19 pm

Hello Peretjatko,

Your making it harder to help you when you just jump subjects like this.

What version of eZ Publish are you using?

Did you verify your users via email? If not they would still be listed within the unactivated view,

You should review all your user groups and users to find the existing user with the email address your trying to register with a new user account ... or avoid this problem and use a different user email address when registering a new account.


Thursday 13 November 2014 9:51:10 am

Sorry for my jumps like that big-smile.gif Emoticon but my problem wasn't clear for me and I tried a lots of differents directions to understand whats happens, and.....I've understood what's happen with my "SpecialFolder".

After read this article I've understood that the user account attribute doesn't create any user.

If  I use this attribute in my SpecialFolder classe, when I create a SpecialFolder object, this object have the ability to log with the given user id and password. There is no "user" object created, but ofcourse a specialfolder object ! This is this object that have to be in a "usergroup" to have some rights and policies and the ability to login.

My problems cames from a misconception of how to use the "user account" attribute.

@Heat : sorry for the time you spend on this problem and the headache it's gave you... Next time I promess to give you an aspirin ( or a beer ) blunk.gif Emoticon

Many thanks for all.


Thursday 13 November 2014 12:02:16 pm

Hello Peretjatko,

No worries. Best of luck to you.

Please do keep asking questions here in the forums happy.gif Emoticon



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