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roles and users

roles and users

Wednesday 23 July 2003 6:58:09 pm - 3 replies

I can't manage to show only one subfolder of a root folder without showing the whole content of this root folder...hum ---> Explanations :
I created a section "extranet" with a folder assign to it and you have to login to read it (extranet ! blunk.gif Emoticon)

The folder is name "extranet" and it is located at the root of the sitemap.

In this folder I created n subfolders. When the customer login (pointing to the root folder) I just want to show him his (her) folder.

I tryied with the subtree fuction (content read Subtree( customerx ) , Section( Extranet ) but when I login to the root folder (where "customerx" is) I have access denied. It's logical but it don't make my business. sad.gif Emoticon

I'm not sure it's really clear but what I need is help.



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Thursday 24 July 2003 7:53:45 am

What you need to do is to assign each and every subfolder to it's own section. Then you need to assign a role to the user, that specifies which section(s) he is allowed to read.

Regards Bjørn

Thursday 24 July 2003 8:23:56 am


But that's what I don't want to do cause at least I need about 100 differents users. That's why I need to group them in a folder wich belong to one section to keep the admin clear.

Is there another way ?

Thursday 24 July 2003 9:06:55 am

Assuming you have this structure:

---------------Customer Folder 1
---------------Customer Folder 2
---------------Customer Folder 3

and so on.

And for customer 1 you have given them permissions to access their folder, using the subtree, and the main Extranet folder.

If you want to move the user to their area look at this document, for redirecting after login. This tip can be used in your custom login.tpl page (overriding the standard tpl).

Im not sure about your permissions at the top level... Did you make sure your roles are stored correctly? Does it work for admin?


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