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Setting up a node notification at user register

Setting up a node notification at user register

Tuesday 29 November 2005 4:14:46 am - 3 replies

Hi all, the site I'm currently working on has a newsletter section, basically its just a folder[class] called "Newsletter".

I would like to have a checkbox on the user registration form that allows the user to specify wether or not they would like to subscribe to the newsletter. If they select the check box the newsletter node will be added to their notifications and they will be able to un-subscribe from the notification/settings area.

Is this possible? I fear the limitation will be that the user will not be created until [after] they have clicked the register button, therefore the notification can't be added until [after] the user exists.

This may need to be a two step process but I'm not sure where to start, can anyone give me some suggestions on how this might be achieved?


Modified on Tuesday 29 November 2005 4:15:24 am by Nathan Kelly

Tuesday 29 November 2005 9:32:04 am


Yes, this is possible. You need to develop a workflow on "post register".

Have a look at the contrib I made :

It comes with a "post activate" trigger and you will also find a patch for the "post register" trigger in the comments.

Wednesday 30 November 2005 3:44:09 am

Hi Lex, there seems to be a lot of patching to do for something so simple, is this the only way this can be done?

If so how much of your extension do I need to change or disregard to do it, I'm not very adept when it comes to PHP (in fact I'm useless) so your files don't make much sense to me.

I'll give it a try but I don't like my chances, thanks for the help.


Wednesday 14 December 2005 1:37:19 pm

Hi Nathan,

really like to discuss this topic with you, please contact me at
akelly at transparency dot org when you're available.

And by the way, is there a way to contact member directly rather than using the forums like this?



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