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Setting up Payments

Setting up Payments

Friday 29 June 2007 9:39:38 am - 4 replies

I'm having trouble understand the whole eCommerce aspect of eZ Publish.

I installed the webshop version. When a visitor goes to purchase something it just simply asks for their address and then confirm and done. There is no payment even though the ezpaypal extension is installed. There isn't even any registration for that user to set up a user account, so I assume there is no way for the customer to be remembered? Or is it just expected that the user register separately from the checkout process?

Or is none of this really supposed to work and everything is just an example, but no actual usable examples to what can be done? I can't find any usable examples of a complete checkout process with registration, checkout, payment, and complete order. It almost seems that eZ Publish is purely content based, and eCommerce is kind of half tossed in but not really usable?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Saturday 30 June 2007 11:23:54 pm

I too am having the same concerns, I am still currently using zencart, but want to migrate it all over to ez publish, but if it isn't going to work, then I will not even think 2x about it.

Sunday 01 July 2007 9:05:44 am

eZ Publish e-commerce system is well worth your time and very flexible.

Take care, look with a careful eye, study first in detail the shared experiences of others. There is a wealth of information about these systems available to all. Try to introduce change in a small way as a test and expand further as you begin to see the light


An so much more but instead of posting further links, I think you would become stronger by learning to fish for yourself. Search for what you need in the eZ ecosystem with open search, http://ezpedia.org/wiki/en/ez/opensearch


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Monday 02 July 2007 6:18:35 pm

I checked some of the resources, but specifically the ezpaypal, and that page is incomplete, it doesnt say anything for installation/configuration? If I can set it up, then I can go in and start testing the shopping cart. but where do I enter my paypal api info etc???

Monday 02 July 2007 9:02:10 pm

Hello Brian,

eZ Publish comes with an integrated e-commerce functionally as standard. You can learn more about eZ Publish e-commerce features
http://ez.no/ezpublish/features/e_commerce_functionality and webshop functionaliy http://ez.no/doc/ez_publish/techn...nual/3_9/concepts_and_basics/webshop

Shop demo with latest eZ Publish version:

PayPal is setup via eZ Publish workflow engine ( http://ez.no/doc/ez_publish/techn...al/3_9/concepts_and_basics/workflows ) It needs to be enabled in payment gateway workflow event:
http://ez.no/doc/ez_publish/techn...ence/workflow_events/payment_gateway and configured in extension/ezpaypal/settings/paypal.ini where you provide your merchant account information.

Infromation about advnaced e-Commerece features:

eZ Publish e-Commerce sites as reference:

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