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Shop -> product.tpl. How to change the way the price is print ?

Shop -> product.tpl. How to change the way the price is print ?

Thursday 29 April 2004 4:15:53 pm - 3 replies


In product.tpl, there is a line to print the price :

{attribute_view_gui attribute=$map.price}

I understand it's the identifier (price) of the classe "product" but the template print it like this :

"price" + price include VAT + currency

How does it work ?

I want to print the price <b>exclude</b> VAT but I can't find the file. In kernel ?



Friday 30 April 2004 9:49:32 am

Hi Laurent.

I think you'll find what you're looking for in standard/templates/content/datatype/view/ezprice.tpl

Regards Bjørn

Friday 30 April 2004 1:36:14 pm


Thanks Bjørn.
It does the job.

If I can try another question :
How can I add more fields in the register.tpl ?

Regards Laurent.

Modified on Friday 30 April 2004 1:39:11 pm by laurent le cadet

Friday 30 April 2004 4:53:15 pm

I'm not quite sure I follow your question here. If you want to add fields to register.tpl, you'll need an expanded class aswell. If you expand your class, I suppose it would be copy and paste in the template...

Regards Bjørn


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