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Site not displaying in IE11

Site not displaying in IE11

Wednesday 09 July 2014 10:27:20 pm - 1 reply

So I've done a test site to experiment with the new software and in the process I've discovered that ezPublish doesn't seem to work in IE11. This makes me wonder if I've set something up incorrectly or if it's internal to ezPublish?

System is on linux, apache 2.2.27, mysql 5.1.70, php 5.5.14, although I don't think this is the problem as both user and admin sites display fine on Firefox, Chrome, miniChrome, Safari, and Opera.

Interestingly enough the administration site seems to be working on IE11, just not the main site. I've tried compatibility view and it does nothing. It looks like perhaps IE can't apply the stylesheet or something correctly, as the two blue horizontal bars that separate the header/body/footer are completely absent and it's all squashed together.

Anyone have any insight?

Edit: I've looked in the access and error logs, the only thing unusual is this:

[Wed Jul 09 13:30:11 2014] [error] [client 192.168.x.x] File does not exist: /var/www/localhost/htdocs/design

However, loading the page on the other browsers don't trip this error.

Edit2: It's to do with favicon, so it should (?) be irrelevant.

Modified on Wednesday 09 July 2014 10:49:14 pm by Daniel Frey

Thursday 10 July 2014 1:36:13 pm

You might be able to use the IE11 developer tools to identify which request is causing the error.  It sounds like a path issue.


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