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Sorting content in admin view in 3.5

Sorting content in admin view in 3.5

Friday 18 February 2005 11:41:48 am - 3 replies

I have just upgraded from 3.4.4 to 3.5.

In version 3.4.4 could I just click 'edit' on the folder and then select what kind of sort i want for the contents in the folder. But where can I do this in version 3.5?


Friday 18 February 2005 11:46:16 am

When just viewing an element, there's a Sub Item category at the bottom of which you can set the sorting mechanism. HTH.

Friday 18 February 2005 2:50:47 pm

I can't find that (Sub items) or i dont have that in my admin view.

Why cant I see it? Have I done something wrong when I upgraded?

When I run the 'updateiscontainer.php' script it outputs:
Updated classes: 'folder', 'article', 'user_group', 'forum', 'forum_topic', 'gallery', 'weblog'

Modified on Friday 18 February 2005 3:11:40 pm by Tonny Laursen

Monday 21 February 2005 3:14:55 pm

It works now.

I reinstalled from scratch and copied my design, settings and DB from the old installation.



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