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Specify list of available children classes for a container

Specify list of available children classes for a container

Sunday 04 February 2007 1:27:40 pm - 3 replies


I'm desperatly looking for a method to specify a list of children classes available for a container class.

I would like, when an editor user is placed on a container class and he wants to create a new child node, to show him ONLY the children classes available for that specific type of container.

Any idea?

Thanks in adavnce for any answer/suggestion.

Best regards

Sunday 04 February 2007 1:52:34 pm

This is done by limting the types of classes a editor user can create with that specefic container class as parent_class in user roles.

Example from Calendar in ezwebin on 3.9:

content, create, class( event ), parent_class ( event_calendar )

or forum:

content, create, class( forum_topic ), parent_class ( forum )
content, create, class( forum_reply ), parent_class ( forum_topic )

Modified on Sunday 04 February 2007 1:53:50 pm by André R

Sunday 04 February 2007 2:56:07 pm

Great! I'll try immediatly!!!

Many thanks

Sunday 04 February 2007 3:11:04 pm

Remember that you'll have to remove any general create rights first for editor role, like:

content *
content create *

(If you for some reason have that.)


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