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Startup Design after Installation

Startup Design after Installation

Wednesday 09 July 2003 12:22:59 am - 3 replies


now i have ezPublish 3.1.1 installed, but when i try for look it in the Browser (
It appears the admin interface ? is it ?

For Configure the Site i must go to :

what happens when i go to ?
it appears the same what appears on my root . is the demo data,

No my question, what i must make so that under my domain apperas my new data , or the demo data so i can test on it.

I have read here that i must edit /settings/siteaccess/www/site.ini.append
but i don't have the folder www .

Or I Have not understand it, and what ever (admin,user) ist the admin interface and i have configure false the host ? so that i can'nt see the result of my changes ?

I Hope anybody cann understand and help me.

thanks and regards

Wednesday 09 July 2003 12:44:28 am

I Have installed ezPublish Manually following this Dokument:

And I have running the Domain as VirtualHost, I Put the VirtualHost Code in my httpd.conf and restart the apache whitout problems .

Wednesday 09 July 2003 9:17:57 am

It's the user interface when going to you're root. You didn't setup eZ with the right design.
Look at: for more information.

Change the admin password because everyone can get in now.


Thursday 10 July 2003 2:37:03 pm

Well, i does it but no seems to work,
I Createed a seite in /settings/overwrite, i named the file site.ini.append and put the HOST Code in it, i see not change.

In ez 2.x , there was a Example code for the httpd.conf Apache Config, for create the subdomains.
Perhaps it does works whith ez 3.x ?

No i intend test the "If all others fail, index parameters is one of the last options" happy.gif Emoticon perhaps it does works.

Or perhaps anybody kann send me your config file /strcutre, because i check not or i understand not very well the dokumentation.

After the Install i didn't like make big exchanges , por example creted new config files, it does confuse me .

In my httpd.conf now i have following code :

DocumentRoot /home/www/

<Directory "/home/www/">
Options FollowSymLinks Indexes ExecCGI
AllowOverride none

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule !\.(gif|css|jpg|png|js)$ /home/www/


Wenn i setting finished the Install i go for change the password happy.gif Emoticon But for the way i needs Help and support it can be the standard passwort because at the moment i only test whit it , if i came good whith ezPublish then i will takes it for a project.

Thanks + regards


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