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Stratagy for Company/software license storage?

Stratagy for Company/software license storage?

Sunday 11 May 2003 10:53:35 am - 2 replies

I'm trying to figure out if I can do this in ezp 3.0, I have to admit that I'm finding the learning curve a little steep and all advice is appreciated greatly.

First, I'd like to use ezpublish to manage my customer database, but I don't think the standard user class does exactly what I wanted so I'm looking for some customization advice.
Here's what I'd like

1) Company
at the top level I'd like to have a company (or a single user)

2) Addresses
for the company I'd like to store multiple addresses

3) Contacts
for the company I'd like to store multiple contacts (users) each user can also link to one of the addresses

4) Software
for each company I'd like to store a different "software" for each product they have purchased from us (or registered)

5) serial number
for each software, I'd like to store a flexible number of serial numbers (one for each purchased license

5) Authorization attempts
for each serail number I'd like to store a seperate authorization attempt each time someone tries to authorize the software

ok, so I know how to do this with a mysql database. I'd basically make a different table for each of these catagories, and make various link tables to associate the data between the tables.

so what are the recommendations for setting up something like this in ezpublish 3?
any suggestions?


Sunday 11 May 2003 8:57:40 pm

Hi Josh,
I guess, you should create a so-called class for each of your entities. Your entities seem to be in 1:n relationships.
If you like, you could define (using user roles), which user role can create which object (instance of a class) and restrict it to one (or more) parent classes. Thus, you could build your 1:n relationships with the "parent-children" relationship (like a folder structure) in ezP3
The last thing, that you should to do is to create custom templates, so your stuff looks, as you want.

You can skip the user roles-stuff for testing, or if your users know, what the do blunk.gif Emoticon
And, you can skip the template stuff (needs knowledge of the template engine), because ezP creates standard templates for every class, when you define the classes. May be ugly, but should be nice for testing.

So: Create a "company" class, create an "Adress" class, create a company (object of the company class) and then create some adresses (objects of adress class) as children of the company object.
If you like the results, go on blunk.gif Emoticon

Modified on Sunday 11 May 2003 8:58:18 pm by Marco Zinn

Sunday 11 May 2003 10:06:17 pm

Hi Marco!
so with that method, if I create a

company class
contact class
address class

I'd want to cross link some of the objects created from these classes, not just have them as children. Is that possible?

for example, I'd like to have a company have 2 or more addresses, and have a company have as many as 20 contacts. now I'd like to link each contact to one of the addresses (like having a pointer to it).

is this possible with ez-publish 3?

also, in a seperate question. any suggestions on how to integrate the standard "user" class with this ? maybe I should derive the contact class from the user class (if derived classes are possible).

I just installed 3.0 for the first time last night... so many questions!

happy.gif Emoticon


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