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Template changes not shown

Template changes not shown

Thursday 17 April 2008 10:46:41 am - 3 replies


I am encountering something that seems to cause a delay in development everytime I want to change a template. I am sure there is some setting I might be missing somewhere.

When I change a template override such as "full" view of a folder and apply the changes (through the admin interface), then everything show up nicely on the site.

But when I am changing something on the "line" view of a template, then I have to remove caches for "template and content" to be able to display the changes. I even tried to go to the full view and change it so that I enforce the changes, but the line view templates seem to be cached until such time I perform a full cache removal. Why is this so? Can I change this while I do a development? Because it is very tedious to always wait for caches to be removed just for a small change.

Thanks guys...!

Yours truly, Mihai

Thursday 17 April 2008 2:16:28 pm

Hi Mihai

Where exactly is the line view used?

Thursday 17 April 2008 5:12:14 pm


Okay - if I edit node/view/full for the folder.tpl then everytime I save it I <b>can</b> see the changes I have made without having to clear any caches.

But inside the same template there is the following line:
{node_view_gui view='line' content_node=$child}

So if I want to make a certain change to this line's template then I have to edit the node/view/line for the let's say product.tpl.

So I do. I can change it and it looks different and all that. However when I want to see the changes on the website, they are served from a cache. Unless I delete the Templates & Content caches I will not be able to see the change inside this kind of file. I mean the line file.

Friday 18 April 2008 10:01:54 am


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