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Template/theme sources ?

Template/theme sources ?

Thursday 09 February 2012 10:27:54 am - 4 replies

Hello !

Okay, I'm a new user of eZ Publish. I'm seeking for some theme/template to change a little bit the design of my web site, but google don't help me a lot =/

Do you know some web site where we can download some free themes ?

Futhermore, I found a lot of tutoriel of how to install theme but only on old version of eZ Publish. Somebody can explain to me how to do ? Cause When I go on "Administration" > "Design" I'm juste able to edit tooblar but not to change my theme =X

I think there is an option like Wordpress or Drupal with a selection with screenshots to see what look like the theme I want to set up, but I don't find it (*.*)


Thxx a lot !

Thursday 09 February 2012 10:43:29 am

Hi Zack

I'm afraid, you will not find that kind of stuff for eZ Publish. Yes it's possible to do such things but people always prefer to do it from scratch because eZ Publish is commonly with highly customised interfaces. If you want to learn more about eZ Publish from a designer perspective, then I suggest that you read the pdf which are here : They are pretty old, but concepts and basics have not changed a lot...

Also, with a couple of css modification, you can almost get what you want in terms of design, since eZ Publish is based on very clever div-based HTML. So in your case, the first solution might be to simply override the default css. I've done this by the past on intranet websites to make my customers feel at home and it worked pretty well.

Last but not least, if you are not afraid of learning eZ Publish in-depth, then it's worth it, believe me blunk.gif Emoticon



Thursday 09 February 2012 10:55:26 am

Thank you for your answer Arnaud !


So, hmm okay, I have to do everything by myself ... I have to lurn a lot of things about eZ so ^^'

That's a pity that every tutorials, documentations, forum topics are sooo old =/ , it doesn't help.

But, in fact I can't have two templates, and switch in the administration ? (o.O)"  (like Wordpress or Drupal or Jumla)

Thursday 09 February 2012 3:47:16 pm


But, in fact I can't have two templates, and switch in the administration ? (o.O)"  (like Wordpress or Drupal or Jumla)

Sorry, I don't see what you mean by having 2 templates... Would you mind being more precise ?

Thursday 09 February 2012 4:27:52 pm

Hey !

I just foud what I wanted, and I was here to explain how I arrived to do it ! Anyway thx for your help Arnaud =)

So, if you want to install a new theme, and you have eZflow:

- You can found one free here:  (the only one I found).

- Go to "Administration">"Extension" and select the package of the theme. (normaly after that the theme is listed but not installed, it's mentioned "Imported".) To install it:

- Go to "Administration">"Sections"> "Design" (One of your section list in the center)> "Design" (the object of the selection) > Then select the under element wich have the name of your website > and finaly click on "edit".

- It's here you can find theme you have install ! And all themes you have. Choose one.

- Don't forget to clean the cache.

And you theme is installed, and when you want you can change it =)

It's pity that there are not a lot of themes on internet, to have want I want I have to develop it ^^"

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