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templates converted to utf-8 crashed a page layout

templates converted to utf-8 crashed a page layout

Saturday 20 January 2007 11:47:47 pm - 3 replies

To avoid charset conversion on my site i took an advice to set:
i18n.ini -> [CharacterSettings] Charset=utf-8
template.ini -> [CharsetSettings] DefaultTemplateCharset=utf-8

AND ALSO i converted my templates to UTF-8, so each template file begins with utf-8 byte order mask (

It broke a design of my site because resulted html contains now a lot of byte order masks - "" (before each template inclusion).

How to get rid of this ""? How to convert templates correctly?

Monday 16 March 2009 6:43:48 pm

I'm having similar issue, any solution?

Monday 16 March 2009 7:00:25 pm

Tuesday 17 March 2009 9:12:08 am


You may also try my script which convert files to utf-8:

Best regards


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