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Tip: Using Curly Braces in texttoimage

Tip: Using Curly Braces in texttoimage

Tuesday 27 April 2004 8:52:36 pm - 3 replies

If you want to show the curly braces in an image generated via <i>texttoimage</i> make sure to not use the wash operator at the same time as it will cause all sorts of problems. For example this code will work:

{concat('{ ', $node_name, ' }')|texttoimage( 'nav_header' )}

This will not:

{concat('{ ', $node_name, ' }')|wash|texttoimage( 'nav_header' )}

nor will

{concat('{literal}{{/literal} ', $node_name, ' {literal}}{/literal}')|wash|texttoimage( 'nav_header' )}


Tuesday 27 April 2004 9:27:30 pm

Actually, I wrote too soon. I ran into a few more problems, but I eventually solved the problem using a variable:

{set-block scope=global variable=specialhead}{literal}{{/literal} {$node_name|wash} {literal}}{/literal}{/set-block}
<h1>{$specialhead|texttoimage( 'nav_header' )}</h1>


Tuesday 27 April 2004 10:16:05 pm

Hi Alex.

Is there any particular reason why you use the |texttomimage operator on your header?
I've never used it myself, and new ideas are always welcome!

Regards Bjørn

Tuesday 27 April 2004 10:28:33 pm

Actually, the fact that it was within a header tag was a mistake. blunk.gif Emoticon I had begun to tinker with the header and just forgot to drop the the header tags when I shifted to using <i>texttoimage</i>. I've begun playing with <i>texttoimage</i> for some menus which I would like to use a specific font that is not installed on most machines. So, my use is purely design-oriented. Though at the moment the system is confusing me no end, so who knows if I'll end up using it. sad.gif Emoticon



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