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top_menu.tpl -> can this be dynamic?

top_menu.tpl -> can this be dynamic?

Tuesday 08 July 2003 11:58:54 am - 5 replies

Everybody knows 'top_menu.tpl' (in the demo). It's the template which contains the menu with the links to every 'subsite'.
But, what if there are... let's say... 10 subsites (and counting!!) and I don't always want to change top_menu.tpl manually.

I want to place a pulldownmenu in top_menu.tpl which contains all the links to the 'subsites' and I want the links to be generated dynamically. Is it possible to do this (using ezP codes; {, }, etc.)? That way I don't always have to change the top_menu.tpl manually.

Tnx, Mark

If this does not exist, maybe I can program it myself, but I need to know how and where the folders are saved (tables in db).

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Tuesday 08 July 2003 2:32:21 pm

If your sites are objects in the root of eZ publish, e.g. folders, you can fetch them with a normal fetch function in eZ publish.

The documents database connectivity and examples shows how you can do this.


Wednesday 09 July 2003 9:33:02 am

I managed to get the objects out of a folder in Root, but not the objects IN Root.

My code:
{let folder_list=fetch( content, list, hash(
parent_node_id, 126,
sort_by, array( array( priority ))

{section name=Folder loop=$folder_list}
<option value="/content/view/full/{$Folder:item.node_id}">{$|wash}</option>

...where 126 is the ID of the folder in Root.

What needs to be changed to 'receive' the objects in Root?

Wednesday 09 July 2003 9:59:11 am

*** removed ***

Somehow, my reply ended up above Bård's reply...

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Wednesday 09 July 2003 10:00:27 am

Normally 2 is the ID of the root folder, if you've used the standard SQL files.

Mabye you can try this.


Wednesday 09 July 2003 10:06:07 am

Thank you very, very much. This works. Excellent!


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