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upload video and mp3 files ..

upload video and mp3 files ..

Monday 27 January 2014 10:38:18 am - 5 replies

Hi,In my website, I need to upload more than 50gb video and mp3 files,I want to know if there is any way to put all these files anywhere out of the server in my local and use them in my site.In have about 5gb free space in my server.What is normally the way that we should use in ezpublish?thanks a lot

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Monday 27 January 2014 11:02:26 am

Use youtube happy.gif Emoticon

Monday 27 January 2014 11:17:21 am

So I can consider that there is no other way except this!

And as my files and videos contains private information of my company and the meeting, the only way is to upload them on our own server?

Even if I use ip address of my localhost on my virtualhost?

my architecture until now is like: var/www/  1.ezpublish 2.myvideofolder

I have created a directory in my vh :

and can I use this filder somewhere else ? even on one another server ?


Modified on Monday 27 January 2014 11:29:28 am by pa bl

Monday 27 January 2014 12:27:31 pm

Well, if you are able to put the files on some domain so you have static urls for each, then you can link it how you want. I don't see what is the problem.

I suggested youtube as it is hassle free 

Monday 27 January 2014 12:58:46 pm

You could use YouTube's privacy settings:

Another option would be to put them on a different server and create a custom class so people could access them.  However, it would probably be more secure to use YouTube, because once they are on a server, it may be difficult to restrict direct access.

Monday 27 January 2014 4:15:43 pm

If videos are on a locally-accessible http server, just use a text-string to hold its name, and use a template to prepend to it the rest of the url.

For more advanced handling, create a custom datatype. Then when editor adds a "video" obj, he might be able to browse around the existing videos on your file share.


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