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Use form data to set persistent variable?

Use form data to set persistent variable?

Thursday 13 January 2011 11:45:20 am


I am developing a site using eZ Publish 4.3.0 that contains information for veterinarians only, so visitors need to confirm they are a vet before they can access the site - otherwise they are redirected to another site containing information for pet owners.

I have set up a form that can be shown within a colorbox overlay, but am struggling with how to handle the submitted data. What I want to happen is for a variable to be set that can be checked by pagelayout.tpl every time it loads. If the variable has not been set, the overlay should be shown, but if it has, the overlay is not shown.

I have the overlay and the form working, and can make it work using JS and cookies if necessary, but assume that eZ already has something that can deal with this in a more "elegant" manner.

Any ideas?

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