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User validation workflow

User validation workflow

Thursday 03 July 2008 11:54:57 am - 3 replies


Firstly, I'm surprised to see "No matches found while searching for <worflow>" while I was looking a documentation..

I would like to put in place an user validation workflow, somebody register an account then the administrator receive an email and have to validate (or not) its account.

- I don't know which worflow I have to choose between Event/Multiplexer and Event/Approve ?

- Which modifications I have to do in the register template ?

Thank you for your help.

Modified on Thursday 03 July 2008 11:58:53 am by Jeremy A

Thursday 03 July 2008 12:56:24 pm

I also await with baited breath on the answer to this happy.gif Emoticon

Thursday 03 July 2008 2:01:16 pm

..."No matches found while searching for <worflow>"


maybe you should try searching workflow instead of worflow...

I think there's enough to get started:



Thursday 03 July 2008 2:50:06 pm

Thanks for your links. You're right, worKflow is better..
I know how to get a notifications when somebod want to be a member, but do I have to modify the register template in order to send an email to the administrator ?


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