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Warning messages on collect information

Warning messages on collect information

Wednesday 07 November 2012 10:05:58 pm - 1 reply

Hello Friends,

Anyone knows where are defined the warning messages that appears when a form is submitted with errors. For example the message that says to the user that a especific field is mandatory or the email field is incorrect.

Thank you.

Friday 09 November 2012 10:12:51 pm

Hallo Ricardo,

You have to dig into the datatype definitions to find the error messages you are looking for.

For example, the validation errors for the email datatype can be found in /kernel/classes/datatypes/ezmail/ezemailtype.php:

Line 49 -> 'The email address is not valid' for an invalid email address.

Line 75 -> 'The email address is empty' or

Line 87 -> 'Missing email input' or

Line 123 -> 'The email address is empty' if the user has not entered an email address.

Hope that helps happy.gif Emoticon


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