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WebDAV not working

WebDAV not working

Thursday 21 March 2013 3:11:09 pm - 1 reply

We're running eZ Publish Community Version 2012.8 and I can't get WebDAV to work. I've tried a number of different Windows-based clients such as BitKinex and the native Windows support.

I get some information: I can connect to the WebDAV server and see a list of siteaccesses as folders. It's a multilingual site so I can click on the 'eng' siteaccess and see 'Content' and 'Media' folders or click on the 'fre' siteaccess and see 'Contenu' and 'Média' folders. But when I drill into any of those folders I don't get anything.

Looking at the webdav.log file on the server I can see output from FetchNodeInfo for each of the child nodes, so something is happening on the backend, but nothing is being received by the client.

Can anyone suggest how I should investigate this further?



Friday 22 March 2013 10:09:40 am

If there's no warning in ez logs or apache logs, then go for wireshark to get a trace of the communication between the two parties


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