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Webshop: Groups of products sharing the same price?

Webshop: Groups of products sharing the same price?

Tuesday 21 November 2006 9:18:17 pm - 2 replies

I wonder wether there is a way to deal with groups of products which share the same price.
Just like this:

Product A, product B and product C (and many more) cost 5 EUR.
Product D, product E and product F (and many more) cost 8 EUR.

Now there should take place a change of prices, A,B and C (and all the other articles of their group) should cost 6 EUR instead of 5. Of course it is intended just only to set this once for the whole group, and automatically all product prices are up to date...

Any ideas...?

Thursday 23 November 2006 3:04:29 pm

Or is it the wrong sub forum here?

Wednesday 06 December 2006 8:45:00 am

Perhaps somebody can give an example (or a link to a former topic) to me.

I guess I have to deal with modifying the admin interface in order to set (the multiprice-) values in the database.

This is new to me... Is there something I should read in order to understand what to do?


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