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What to use instad of symbolic links when using xamp and windows?

What to use instad of symbolic links when using xamp and windows?

Monday 18 February 2013 9:16:53 pm - 2 replies

Hello..Im new in EZ and  started to create some site using this amazing CMS. I have question. I am referring to one example where i need to create site access folder than inside that folder i should create symbolic links of some .ini file from eng site access folder. Because i am using windows and xamp, i cannot create symbolic links because it is referring to Linux command. What Should i use instead (COPY or to Create Shortcut)
Thank you all

Tuesday 19 February 2013 12:13:43 am

Never really used it myself, but there is always symbolic links on Vista and higher:

Tuesday 19 February 2013 9:56:37 am

Yes, there are in fact may different types of symlinks on windows starting with Vista. F.e. for folders, they're called "junctions"

On the CLI, the command is MKLINK. You need an "elevated rights" shell to be able to create them. It is just like running "ln -s", except you swap source and target arguments.

A handy visual tool for creating symlinks is this one:

One caveat: when under load, php barfs on include()/require() calls across ntfs junctions. See php bug #63413. So it is good for dev environments or lightly loaded servers, but not 110% stable for heavy traffic


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