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Friday 02 May 2003 8:08:16 pm - 2 replies

Hi there,

I'm trying workflows using version 3.0.2 with demo data. So i setup a workflow with two approval events approved by different users, and set trigger to before publish.

I created an article using a third user, the first user to approve receives a notification. Once approved, the second user doesn't receive any notification.
The third user (the one that created the article) receives a notification saying something like the article is waiting to complete the workflow. The article is not published.

There is something else i have to do?

A workflow using only one approval event works fine.

Friday 02 May 2003 8:36:52 pm

Did you run the runcronjobs.php?

This is necessary for the workflow to proceed (and to get the article published).

Best setup a cronjob that runs say once every 15 minutes.

See also:



Sunday 04 May 2003 7:44:20 pm

Thanks Paul, it worked.

Now I have another problem, when the user in the second event receives the notification it loses all previous comments of the workflow.

If the user in the second event deny ou hit pushback I was expecting the process to rollback to user of the first event, however nothing happens, neither user receives a notification about it.

What is missing now?


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