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Your favorite Template editor?

Your favorite Template editor?

Saturday 04 December 2010 5:24:04 pm - 7 replies

Hi all,

just a quick question:

What's your favorite Website-Editor, when you work in eZ templates?

My requirements would be:

  • ez4 template language "understanding" (syntax hightlighting, maybe auto-completing of control structures etc)
  • Build-in (S)FTP client. Optionally SSH-Client for up/downloadin templates
  • Nice to have: Build-in SVN client and/or Git client
  • Not too expensive
  • Running in Win7, 64 bit

I know, there used to be some "plugins" or so for eclipse for the ez4 template language, but i'm not up-to-date, if they are still maintained. I know, that no HTML editor will understand ez4 templates "build-in".

So, what are your favorites and their pros and cons?

Saturday 04 December 2010 7:48:41 pm

PHPEdit, with the eZ Publish plugin, sounds like a good candidate. It has most of the features you require.

Monday 06 December 2010 12:19:50 pm


Try Sublime. Excellent editor!

Monday 06 December 2010 2:53:04 pm

Eclipse PDT 64bits ! I use it every day !

Here are the plugins I use :

For FTP/SFTP you may use Eclipse SFTP.

Monday 06 December 2010 3:12:27 pm

Eclipse PDT 64bits ! I use it every day !

Here are the plugins I use :

For FTP/SFTP you may use Eclipse SFTP.

+1 !

Monday 06 December 2010 4:25:55 pm

Shameless (OT) self-promotion: if you like smileclasses, check out the last release of the ezdebug extension; browser-based, it is a smileclasses on steroids.

For browser-based code highlighting, ezgeshi rulez!

And if anybody wants to takle a bespin-based editor fo eZP, just drop me a note!

Friday 14 January 2011 9:40:35 pm

Thanks a lot for your advices. I really appreciate it and i'm sure, others will, too!

I had some time now to install eclipse and the smile and ezclipse plugins. I also installed the smile extension (smileclasses) on an ez 4.4 site. Look fine to me.

Now: I get the XML output from smileclasses and i can create a view named "Classes View" in Eclipse. But i cannot find the box where i shall enter the URL as described in Paul Wilsons documentation from 2007 in Page 15. So, how do i tell the "Classes View" view on where to get it's data from?

Gaetano: Your shameless self-promotion did not include the path to your project: . It looks very nice to me for debugging values, so i don't see too much connection to the "Classes" view in smileclasses. But i will definitly give this a try, too happy.gif Emoticon

Now, i have 3 ezPublish Template editors in Eclipse: "ez TPL Editor", "JAC ez Template Editor" and "Smile TPL editor". From a first look, they seem to differ in the syntax highlighting. What else? I read about "auto-completion", but i could not find this "in action" yet. Any hints? Which TPL file editor shall i use and where can i determine the default one in Eclipse (that all new to me).

I guess, I should create a PHP project for each ez site, yes? Or is there some better Project type? I didn't find an "ez site" project or so.

Last, but not least: How do I use "Var Browser for exploring the $node variable." from ezclipse?

Thanks in Advance!

Modified on Friday 14 January 2011 9:46:31 pm by Marco Zinn

Friday 21 January 2011 9:30:40 am

Hi Marco

To configure the Smile plugin for the classes view, you need to :

  • Select your project in the source browser
  • Go to project menu (not right-click) => Properties => eZ Publish

This is the same for eZClipse, but I never managed to configure it correctly for the var browser.

About template editors, I personnaly use JAC eZ Template Editor, because I like the syntax coloring and the way it highlights TPL code vs HTML. The auto-completion is fairly basic, as it just auto-completes built-in template operators and functions, but not for their parameters.

It's indeed advised to use PHP projets for each site, but be aware that PDT has an annoying issue to avoids to open templates in the right editor when you double-click on a template (it opens them in basic the HTML editor). To force Eclipse open templates in the eZ Template editor, you'll need to right click on the template/open with...


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