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3.9 Documentation is now available for search

3.9 Documentation is now available for search

Monday 25 June 2007 2:11:47 am - 3 replies

It seems that the 3.9 documentation available from, ez.no/doc is still not available for individual searching like the 3.8 documentation. The search form does not provide for a 3.9 search option.

See: http://ez.no/doc/content/advancedsearch


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Monday 25 June 2007 8:27:29 am

Interesting ...

If this option was available I could complete a new open search plugin I have been wanting to commit to subversion.

The open search plugin searches the very latest documentation available exclusively. I think I'll call it, 'eZ.no - Documentation - Stable'.

Reference: <i>http://projects.ez.no/opensearch</i>

Monday 25 June 2007 12:38:48 pm

We posted this issue to the issue tracking system,

Feel free to show your support, subscribe and vote for this issue!

Friday 29 June 2007 10:50:52 am

The '3.9 manuals' option was added today to the eZ documentation!
We have added the 'Plugin: Search ez.no stable documentation' on,

This search plugin searches only the 3.9 documentation, which greatly narrows the number of search results (matches) returned, meaning you find what your looking for more quickly.

If you would like any other search plugin, please feel free to ask.



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