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a nice extension for this community...

a nice extension for this community...

Wednesday 11 April 2012 9:06:54 pm - 4 replies

Hi @ eZ Team,

it would be a nice addition  if the eZ Market will be extended with something like:

I have hundreds of ideas how to expand eZ Publish... but not the right programmer...

It would be nice and easy if there where a possibility to create orders...

The users could submit their ideas and the programmers what they might be worth to implement these ideas...

Thursday 12 April 2012 1:13:19 am

hello Michael,

do you see the jobs part of this website :

is that things answers your question ?



Thursday 12 April 2012 11:01:49 am

Hello Michael,

first, this site isn't really about the eZ Team, but about the eZ Community. Some eZ employees are of course regular users, but most people you'll talk to here are just involved in some way with the eZ products.

It is perfectly fine that you are not feeling up to the job when it comes to implementing ideas. Building software with only programming in mind usually is a bad idea anyway. You don't need to write great code to have ideas, think about interactions & interfaces or guide a project towards success.

Maybe you should have a look at the community roadmap feature that is offered on this website: You can browse suggestions, subscribe and/or commit to them, and create & maintain your own roadmap, depending on what you think is important. It is of course more than reasonnable to then discuss those ideas on the forums, and try to get interested people to kick in and co-develop something with you !

Friday 13 April 2012 8:45:57 am

Hi Michael,

I can completely underline what Betrand posted and also encourage you to maintain a related blog. I my opinion it would be nice to have something like a proposal-guy. I am (more or less) the right programmer, but don't have the time working on ideas or innovations.

So keep up a flag for an independent critical input. I would be interested in listening.and discussing ideas  blunk.gif Emoticon



Tuesday 17 April 2012 4:36:29 am

Hi Alexandre,

I think that this link is for a long time agreement... but I mean, the cooperation in the community with a sponsor for various projects... sorry - for the bad english... i hope I can explain it so....

the eZ Community have various projects:

but would all work together... it would also work...

on the one side people / companies that it sponsors... on the other side people to perform it...

but all within a portal like twago where everyone can give his share... whether money or skills...

or better a pledgie like portal...

and to Bertrand & Christop: i know what you think... i have over 10 years experience... but we must find one way to coordinate all... the hope and the skills...


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