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Add "Skip-Link" behaviour in Admin interface

Add "Skip-Link" behaviour in Admin interface

Friday 15 August 2008 12:18:51 am - 1 reply

Hi gang,

Creating New Content Class:

* Each time you add a new attribute to a custom content class, you're taken to the top of the screen and have to scroll all the way back to the bottom again to add another attribute or click 'Apply'.
* Ditto when selecting the Move up/down' graphical icons.
* Ditto selecting 'Apply'.

My suggestion is when selecting any of these, the user is dropped to the bottom of the screen again. (Adding a '#bottom' to the action attribute of the <form> element will sort this) and/or add all submit/apply buttons to the top of the screen <b>as well</b>.

Even better in addition to both of the above would be to ensure each attribute has it's own ID in the HTML source so that selecting the up/down icons or selecting the "Apply" button, "drops" you down the page to the attribute you were last editing.

I think you get the idea happy.gif Emoticon

Other than that, what an awesome product - keep up the great work!

Friday 15 August 2008 3:23:59 pm

Your "end" key doesn't work?

Otherwise, you can always override the template. I did that once... but it wasn't worth the effort.

But, if you do add the ID tags to the template, let me know I'd be interested in looking at it.


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