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Advanced form builder

Advanced form builder

Tuesday 06 April 2010 4:53:10 pm - 5 replies

One of the things eZ Publish is seriously lacking is an advanced form builder. With advanced I mean highly flexible forms with element positioning, pagination, advanced validation and data export.

For large companies, a good form builder is one of the key criteria when selecting a new cms. Nowadays many websites (especially intranet's) are primarily used to aid in the work that has to be done.

I would like to know other people's opinions about this.

Sunday 16 May 2010 10:59:07 am

Hi Sander,

I agree with you that forms are widely used on intranets, and an extension to easily develop and maintain those forms would indeed require such a component. Now to find someone, or a team of developers that can code such a solution happy.gif Emoticon

-- Robin

Saturday 31 July 2010 4:35:27 pm

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Tuesday 19 October 2010 3:56:27 am


I agree that this is a vital part missing in the powerful eZ Toolkit.

This is needed not only when building intranets but on mostly all more advanced sites.

In the past we have built our own basic builder that mimics the behavious of the actual class builder interface but allows you to add additional information such as tooltip texts, grouping of fields, display info such as if to use columns etc. We then used this information together with the powercontent extension to achieve kind of a form-builder.

Have you guys done something similar? Maybe a good idea to consolidate our efforts?


Tuesday 19 October 2010 5:13:29 am

All those who have posted in this thread would know this, but just in case others are searching for form-building help, the eZ Survey extension provides more advanced form building help than the default "feedback form" class. I also know of at least one developer who has used eZ Publish in conjunction with the API of a third-party form-building service.

Tot straks.

Wednesday 20 October 2010 3:02:19 am


We do use the eZ Survey extension quite a lot and its great at building online surveys. I guess just as intended. But when needing a bit more, such as being able to collect binary files, or being able to turn the posted data into objects its not as well suited.

We recently had to do a simple competition. You submit 3 images and a description and you can win a free trip. The results are shown in a vote section. Most vote wins. To build this with the form-builder is, to my best knowledge not possible?

Any ideas on how to best implement this with EZ Publish?



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