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Anonymous user, Guest accounts

Anonymous user, Guest accounts

Wednesday 16 August 2006 1:46:12 pm

Anonymous user, Guest accounts.
Roles and policies list none members and members as Anonymous user or Guest accounts.
what happend to the member accounts? both Anonymous and Guests are people that visit sleezey hotels as Mr smith, and dont want to be known.
i have members and my members are treated like family, not a guest. if you're thinking of paying guests, then we are back to Mr and Mrs Smith in sleezey hotels.

i think we need a members and not guest accounts list, and i would like my family to be able to interact, with a profile others can view, and follow my sites family members. not feel they are a guest and kept away from the rest of the family.

eZp is a wonderful framework, and has almost everything a business needs. but it lacks vision, it looks at big business and fails to see the small guys needs.

eZp is offered free under the GPL but in reality eZp wants business people, and ones that pay, so eZp does little to encouage freeloads, by restricting what they want. well thats how it looks to me.

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