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Article image source

Article image source

Tuesday 22 June 2010 9:25:55 am - 2 replies

It would be nice if the same selection dialog used in OE for inserting an image could be used for the main article image.

One thing I like about eZP is the way content is considered an object that can be inserted into other content, moved etc. So I put images into the media library and then use those in articles. If I want to replace an image with a better one, I will do just that, and even in multilingual sites the image will be updated in all language instances of all articles containing it.

With the current procedure however, I need to separately upload an image, and if I want to replace it after I already created translations, I need to replace it in every language version of every article I used it in.

I think this might make things more convenient for authors...

Tuesday 22 June 2010 10:18:54 am

This is in our backlog (or should be, I'll check).

And the proper way to solve this is to move away from using the media / image / file datatypes directly in content related content classes like article to use object relation datatype. But at the same time we would need to make the interface for object relation more ajaxed like OE interface and add possibility to limit allowed classes like you can in object relationlist datatype.

This will mean image attribute and similar attributes will be able to reuse content in the media library correctly and let us have an clearer separation between content and media

Wednesday 23 June 2010 9:34:10 am

That's good to hear. But I'm not sure if I understand you correctly. Since I do need articles in multiple languages, I usually upload an image to media/images, give it there title and caption for every language, and then insert the image through the OE "insert image" dialog.

So, are you saying it would be better to use the "insert object" dialog instead? I only just noticed it also includes media files... :-P


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