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birthday datatype

birthday datatype

Wednesday 08 October 2003 7:53:05 pm - 26 replies


it would be nice to have a "birthday" datatype which is able to store dates prior than 1970-1-1. Has anyone developed this datatype?

Please write me:



Friday 13 August 2004 6:53:37 pm

>>This will solve the birthday problems with >34y guys/girls.
Now your making me feel old sad.gif Emoticon

Saturday 14 August 2004 9:03:11 pm

The testing I did with with ADOdb was largely successful, only it didn't improve anythingblunk.gif Emoticon

The debug output would complain about missing arguments probably because all params in adodb_mktime were compulsory, this improved with the latest release where only "hour, min, secs is compulsory", but those are the ones not used in eZP (from what I understand). I showed the code to a guy I know that actually know programming and he said that all params were declared (right word?) although half of them with "0" which probably is the problem. I was suppose to show him the actual debug, but then came the nice weather here in Norway and I took a holiday, and here comes Emil and solves it all!

I suppose we can conclude that the current ADOdb can't be implemented without some hacking, but the way I understand it, it is the authors intention to make it in line with the standard mktime. Actually it took 5 days from my first post at his fora to he released an improved (but not compatible) version.

Thank you for your solution Emil!
Are there any disadvantages to the birthday datatype and the date datatype? What date-range does it support?

Tuesday 17 August 2004 10:14:46 am

Thanks a lot, Emil. Just in time for my project deadline. happy.gif Emoticon


Eirik Johansen

Wednesday 08 September 2004 10:30:39 am

had the problem with birthdates before 1970 when we switched from Red Hat 7 to Fedora Core 1.

I am using <b>adodb_mktime()</b> and it is working fine now.

Modified on Wednesday 08 September 2004 10:31:22 am by Lip Sin Choo

Wednesday 08 September 2004 2:36:36 pm

Could you please elaborate? What version of Ez publish and adodb_mktime do you use, and how did you implement it? I have tried and failed, with debug errors complaining about <i>missing argument</i> (as far as I can remember).

--Guttorm Flatabø

Tuesday 12 October 2010 4:13:22 pm

I just saw this thread so my response is probably to late. However, I have the same problem when storing a date of birth for people as objects. Thus I created a data type that is 'date as text'. It works by storing xml text of the applicable information. It will also use the year (if entered) as the sortable field. I set it up so that if you mark it as required then there is different data that is required.

-> For instance if the dob is required you must at least enter a year.

-> If you have a year, then you can enter in a month.

->If you have a month then you can enter in a date.

So this will prevent someone from entering in just a date and nothing else, or date and year. I have the data type ready, but I'll wait to see if anyone is interested in it.


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