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Bookmark: Sorting and grouping

Bookmark: Sorting and grouping

Friday 13 June 2003 9:42:45 pm - 1 reply

I love the new bookmarking feature i ezP 3.1.beta1.
We need this, as we will have a large site and any user should be able to have his own bookmarks inside the site. As they are stored in the DB, the user can use his bookmarks from any computer, after he logged in.
At the moment, bookmarking is only available in the "admin site".

1. Let the user manually sort (mean: arrange in any order) his bookmarks. Currently they seem not sorted (probably sorted by node ID or so)
2. Let the user group his bookmarks. Let's say he has 25 bookmarks, he should be able to put some/all of the bookmarks in bookmark groups(folders). I see no necessity to structure the folders; 1 level should be enough.
3. For marketing purposes: Expand the demo data of 3.1 so, that the bookmarking options are visible on the USER site. That needs a "My bookmarks" page and a "bookmark this page" button on any page, only visible, when a user has logged in. PLUS, do a "login" button... Currently, this one is quite hidden in the forum section.

Tuesday 12 October 2010 11:42:26 am

Somebody have a ready-to-use solution for the user-side bookmarking ang groups of the bookmarks?

I will make a custom extension for this problem, but I don't want to make the one more bicycle big-smile.gif Emoticon


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