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Cache-control in systray

Cache-control in systray

Wednesday 31 August 2005 1:02:18 pm - 3 replies

The easy available cache-button at the right side of admin-interface is great, but what about a simple applet laying in the systray with a hot key combination?

The need for switching to the admin-interface to clear cache, and then back again to the workingsite would then become uneccesary.

Wednesday 31 August 2005 2:11:56 pm

I simply have two tabs open for that...

Wednesday 31 August 2005 3:18:28 pm

Yes me too, but image a simple CTRL-E for empty cache instead of flipping between the tabs happy.gif Emoticon

Thursday 15 September 2005 11:47:09 am

As long as you have the debugoutput open, you can clear it from there...


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