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Can we build Google Translate in eZ?

Can we build Google Translate in eZ?

Tuesday 09 June 2009 7:02:46 pm - 4 replies

It would be great is we could have an extension that plugged into the translation engine. This could do an automatic translation and place that in the CMS. Us humans could then fix or correct.

The service is here

API here

Anyone from eZ with spare time?


Tuesday 09 June 2009 7:30:02 pm

Hi Tony,

as you I am not an eZ guy, but that little piece of something looks quite easy to implement.

Though I have to say beware. Google translation / maschine translation is far far away from you have in mind.

My make myself use of google if I get for example an email in spanish and I let google translate it. So that I have an rough idea on what the customer actually wants.

The only company that I know that really does real good automatic translation is microsoft with their knowledge base artikels. But the truth is they are semi automatic translated since they are run again microsofts huge translation memory build by professional translators.

Tuesday 09 June 2009 11:47:45 pm

Still a bit of a skeleton, in svn only, but with a todo list ready for next steps.

Feel free to apply for a dev account on the project

Wednesday 10 June 2009 7:48:34 am

Nice one Gaetano

This will be useful to plan into future project.

Sunday 14 June 2009 11:46:27 pm


I wrote an extension that supports Ajax API Google Translate. The module works with prototype and json. It may be useful in the projecthappy.gif Emoticon?



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