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Captcha security

Captcha security

Thursday 26 October 2006 12:58:41 pm - 11 replies

How about a kind of captcha or other image validation-functions embedded into webforms?

Tuesday 07 November 2006 10:35:45 am

Hi John,

There's no built-in captcha system, you're right.
But if you need one, an extension is already available for this purpose :

Sunday 01 April 2007 3:04:31 am

Hi, the Captcha extension is said to be compatible with 3.4, 3.5.
What about 3.9? Anyone tested this yet?
What about ezwebin? Anyone tested this extension with that?

Modified on Sunday 01 April 2007 3:12:24 am by Michael Kress

Saturday 24 November 2007 11:51:54 am

I installed and actived the extension but it does not work fine.

I tried to add the new attribute-datatype in my user register class but any "Captcha" attribute is in the list.

Any suggestion to resolve the problem? I work with 3.8.6 eZPublish version

Thanks for hints



Monday 26 November 2007 10:00:15 am


i'm using antispam extension in 3.10 without problems.
did you enabled extension in settings/override?


Wednesday 21 May 2008 3:52:48 pm

I've tried using antispam extension, but for some reason the captcha images don't show.

I've checked the path to arial.ttf and also the length, but the captcha images still don't show. Is there anything else that I can try to get this working?


Thursday 22 May 2008 12:50:19 am

Hi John

Have you tried the reCAPTCHA extension? There is a version for both eZ 3 & 4.


Modified on Thursday 22 May 2008 1:13:09 am by Bruce Morrison

Thursday 22 May 2008 10:29:28 am

Bruce, thanks for the link, I will go ahead and try this.

Monday 16 June 2008 4:08:49 pm


I've attempted to install your extension(for comments) but it doesn't show up. Is there a field or extra code I need to add to comment.tpl in order to get this show up?

Modified on Monday 16 June 2008 5:41:23 pm by John Kazakis

Tuesday 17 June 2008 4:30:45 pm

Hi John

Because the template for comments is a custom one, you'll have to add an "attribute_edit_gui"[1] to display the recaptcha. Someting like

{attribute_view_gui attribute=$object.data_map.recaptcha}

where recaptcha is the attribute identifier of the recaptcha attribute.



Thursday 19 June 2008 10:32:35 am

Hello Bruce,

I've had already tried using the code you provided, I tried attribute_edit_gui, but it doesn't work either.

A lot of people aren't very experienced in ezPublish, do you think you could provide a more explicit example on how to get this show in any override template?


Monday 16 March 2009 1:25:20 pm

Please try


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