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Central Conflict/Resolution Area

Central Conflict/Resolution Area

Wednesday 26 August 2009 6:03:16 pm - 6 replies

as with the admin interface, the problem with ez.no is lack of organization. ..


These are all support areas. The problem is not the support, but how the visitor to this site obtains it.

great idea but the first page encourages you to post questions. why? why would you want questions and solutions all over the place?

the problem isn't the articles. the problem is that you allow for comments to the articles. it's one thing when people say good job, great article. it's another when people use the comment section to resolve various issues as in this article - http://ez.no/developer/articles/how_to_create_ez_publish_forms

the post made on Friday 13 February 2009 12:17:23 pm demonstrates the site's disorganization. problems shouldn't be posted/resolved in article comments. it's bad site mojo!

my suggestion would be to disable comments in articles OR to add a block to your article template right above the comment section that says something like "Please use the comment form below to review the above article or leave a comment for the author. Requests for ez pub support should be reported in the forum."...then add a link to the forum.

the most overly technical and maddening docs i've ever read offering little to no step-by-step solutions. your docs maybe a road map for advanced programmers...but what about the rest of us? you also allow for posting comments in the docs. this poses the same problem as posting comments in the articles. commenting should be disabled/add a note above the comment form.

makes sense. this is where you report bugs. problem is, how do i know if there's a bug? how do you let users know that a bug has been fixed? do you really expect people to monitor the issues sub-domain if they have no known issues?

i would keep the issues sub-dom but i'd add a category to the forum called "Upgrades/Bugs/Fixes." each topic in this category would have one or two posts...

a description and link to the upgrade/patch including the changelog OR

a description of the bug AND an update when it's fixed.


if i have a question, this is the only place i should go to get peer support. period. this would clean up the site. it would make searching easier. you might even stop reading posts regarding the fact that there's no support/learning curve/insanity. you may not even need to censor people because that would be wrong.

Wednesday 26 August 2009 11:14:29 pm

makes sense. this is where you report bugs. problem is, how do i know if there's a bug? how do you let users know that a bug has been fixed? do you really expect people to monitor the issues sub-domain if they have no known issues?

there is a mailing list where you can subscribe and receive all the notifications about reported issues, commits to solve them and all the comments made by users.

you can also see changes in repository with your rss reader...


Wednesday 16 September 2009 6:13:06 pm

One thing to note here is that ezpedia is the only source above that is volunteer work and not controlled/regulated/censored by ez systems. So if you are unhappy with documentation and other resources under ez.no, feel free to go there and help making something better happy.gif Emoticon

Thursday 17 September 2009 11:26:04 am

- comments all over the place are A Good thing (TM).
I think 50% of php's success is due to the online manual accepting comments. And if you look at it, a lot of code snippets are posted there, and nobody complains too loud, even though it is strictly speaking a manual and not a how-to guide.
On eZ side, most misdirected comments get a response redirecting the poster to the appropriate forum. If comments were disabled, some people would post on forums, ans some would just not post at all - we'd be loosing valuable information.

- The issue tracker is your best friend. Yes, it could be improved, but with so many issues in it, the easiest way to find stuff is not trying to add extra categories and tree-based navigation, as much as having a good search engine.

For every bug fixed, there are comments relating to the svn commit where it happened, and vice-versa. It just needs a bit of greasemonkey magic to turn those comments into links...

- official docs: it takes time to write and keep up to date good quality docs. The current material is split into "user manual" and "reference manual", which is kind of a standard way to document complex systems.
The complaint we hear most often is the lack of a "developer's manual", but of course sometimes people want a "newcomer / non-techie manual". I think the latter is a bit outside of the scope of what eZ Systems should provide, leaving it up to the community / 3rd parties. The good news is that there is currently renewed effort on the docs.

- there is a new community site in the making, whose aim is to make it simple to gather and organize all of this information anyway

Sunday 27 September 2009 11:43:03 am

as with the admin interface, the problem with ez.no is lack of organization. ..

Isn't that a problem on entering any new community really? I've been a member to couple of communities around software projects, there's some learning and orientation curve every time, but I have a feeling of biggest organizational clarity here...


Thursday 22 October 2009 4:30:10 am

I am with cubby.

There is no logical flow to this site.

There should be a "user-needs" based heirachy that follows the path of a typical user coming to the site. Not something based on technical documents.

I can see where you have tried, in parts, but the gaps are massive.

1. Installation
2. Site Access
3. Customisation

I was going to start to write a dummies guide outlining my hard-won knowledge, but have decided its no place for dummies.

Friday 17 September 2010 10:52:28 am

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