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Change the messagesystem

Change the messagesystem

Thursday 01 November 2007 11:08:36 am - 1 reply

Hi, I want to make a suggestion to change the messagesystem, anyway the way it is used.
I had created a phrasefile with QT linguist for the 3.9 version of eZ Publish. I am implementing some sites under php 5, so at first I used the fork of Kristoff. Now I was delighted to see the alpha version of eZ getting ready for the php5 environment. However still an alpha-version I did several implementations of the new version. But, using the phrase-file I created for version 3.9, suddenly my translation missed about 10% of the phrases. They were not translated, however suggestions where available, but means a lot of work to check them using QT linguist. And I was pretty sure that I had translated these messages for version 3.9. Was there a change of functionality? 10% of the package?. No. eZ has made some minor changes in the messages, but making my translations useless. I wish was changed to I want, eZ publish was changed to eZ Publish and so on. But I already discovered that a lot of messages were actual clones of each other, but used in a different template, thus having a different context. Or missing a period or something like that. And messages having spellingmistakes where changed, some for the better, some for the worst.
Why not using a message system with the actual message being a number and short desription, and allow homemade translation not to fail if an english message is corrected? Pherhaps the chinese or spanish translation was correct.
And allowing different kinds of the same initial languages (Australian: Hi mate, American : Hi pal, English: Goodmorning dear friend) or different groups (some search, others want to find). If now the message is changed for spelling reasons, the translation failes. And doesn't or does not or doesnot Ez want content seperated from the layout and pherhaps the system itself?
And try not to let the messages sound asif we are retarted morons. Imagine wat would happen if your car or phone starts to act as eZ Publish (Are you sure? Do you really want to do this, take a left turn, be aware the road is not well and may damage your car...)
And don't or do not use layout features (spaces and linefeeds) in the messages. They are very difficult to translate, meaning they do not appear in the final ts-file when using QT-software.

But in essence it is a very great system, no doubt about that!
Jan Baelemans

Thursday 01 November 2007 3:35:45 pm

The translation changes you talk about where part of eZ Publish 3.10, and where announced a couple of times.

You can read more about it here:


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