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Classes Relation datatype !

Classes Relation datatype !

Thursday 17 November 2005 3:31:50 am - 3 replies

Hello ..

When you work in 1 class which have alot of inputs and selection .. etc .. the ezp become very slow, so what if there is something to break this class to parts and via kind of datatype you can view it as 1 class ?!

Thursday 17 November 2005 8:54:16 am

Out of box that isn't supported. You could likely achieve a similar effect by using some container class that displays all it's children?

Saturday 19 November 2005 2:32:40 pm

maybe ... didn`t try this yet .. but i`ll do now happy.gif Emoticon

Sunday 20 November 2005 11:45:54 pm

Hi again ...

Test ... but i don`t know how this will work ... I don`t think it will work even .. maybe some one from ez team can confirm this issu !


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