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Clearer upgrade requirements

Clearer upgrade requirements

Thursday 16 November 2006 2:23:52 pm - 2 replies

In the upgrade folder of a distribution package there is a wonderfully clear and detailed bit of information on what to do with the database on each incremental upgrade. There are scripts in place for each step up the ladder, for instance, in file
update/database/postgresql/3.8/dbupdate-3.8.3-to-3.8.4.sql we see:

UPDATE ezsite_data SET value='3.8.4' WHERE name='ezpublish-version';
UPDATE ezsite_data SET value='10' WHERE name='ezpublish-release';

Would it be possible to offer this kind of granular instruction regarding all the scripts in update/common/scripts ?
I suggest that withing the scripts dir, there be sub-dirs analog to those where the DB is concerned, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2 ... 3.8, you get the picture. Then inside of 3.8, for example, there would be brief text files, upgrade_3.8.0_to_3.8.1, upgrade_3.8.1_to_3.8.1, etc.
Inside the files you would read which scripts in upgrade/common/scripts must be run for that particular incremental upgrade. As an example:

In file upgrade/common/scripts/3.8/upgrade_3.8.3_to_3.8.4 you'd read:

correctxmltextclasses.php --global
(perhaps some explanitory text)

I've been using eZ since about 2.2.x and there never really has been adequate docu on upgrading and I think something like this would be immensely helpful.


Thursday 16 November 2006 4:35:55 pm

Did you check out the upgrade documentation?

Friday 17 November 2006 10:20:54 am

Yes, I did, but I repeat my suggestion nonetheless.
This information should be available in the distribution packages. Having it online as well is a bonus, but it doesn't help somebody who's trying to upgrade thier laptop on a boat or something.

The tool which should be online but is not, is a DB of update requirements which can be queried.

Ideally somebody would be able to input their current version and thier target version, and then they would be returned a script of exactly what they must do. I'd be happy if only the scripts which must be run were listed, but in the perfect world the returned result would be every step needed, beginning with "download this package" and ending with "congratulations". The list would have direct links to anything which needed to be downloaded, and the whole interface would offer the possibility of having the results e-mailed to one or more recipients.

In fact, if somebody in development at eZ could get me some formal and complete documentation on which scripts need to be run at which incremental upgrades, I'll build the thing myself and give it back to the community.



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