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Compactibility of Centos OS with ezpublish

Compactibility of Centos OS with ezpublish

Tuesday 21 September 2010 11:58:02 am - 4 replies


do anyone know how ezpublish 4.3.0 compatible with Centos OS .

Is is good to go forward with Centos OS to develop site in ezpublish?

Please help


Tuesday 21 September 2010 3:50:29 pm

Hi Romeo,

I do not understand the question, the Compatibility ez must be especially with web server, php version, or even database.
In any case, I confirm that I work with a centos VM for a long time to develop ezpublish site. and I had no worries.


Tuesday 21 September 2010 5:28:36 pm

Thank you for your reply Abdelkader.

I have a lot of issues when I host ez in windows sever 2008 with IIS 7

We are planning to migrate to linux from windows . Any idea which linux platform would be better to use with ez hosting and development.

Redhat or Centos


Anyone please do a favour by telling

Which linux should we prefer

which version of linux os is needed

, supporting webserber version.,

php version,

mysql databse version.

Please help. I will be very thankfull to any ideas or help .


Monday 04 October 2010 8:42:08 am

Hi Romeo,
Abdelkader is correct. As long as you have the "core" systems in place (eZ, PHP5, MySQL >=5 etc) you are set.

I use CentOS although with an older eZ version, with no problems.

For your purposes, there should be no difference between RedHat and CentOS, for all intents and purposes, they are the same. CentOS versions track RedHat versions, CentOS is pretty much RedHat, but cutdown for server environments (although I still run KDE off it myself)

Good luck

Monday 04 October 2010 8:06:01 pm

Tha authoritative, detailed info is here:


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