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Control-less native datatypes of eZ Publish

Control-less native datatypes of eZ Publish

Thursday 29 May 2008 8:49:31 pm - 7 replies

Hello everyone,

I have recently realized that a substantial number of datatypes that we have developed for eZ Publish and our clients could be categorized under "datatypes that hadn't had enough control over".

An example would be more than words here.

1) Keywords datatype - no control over it at all, this is why we've developed a public variety, so that we can control a min/max number and length of the keywords.

2) Text line or text block - would be that difficult to have a limit for text block just the way we have one for text line? And what about a minimum limit?

There could be more, but the point is - it seems like the datatypes have been developed merely for editorial scenario, where all the players have been trained and have a common goal. Well, what about Intranets? Community portals? What about situations, where users simply join to contribute OR... not?... blunk.gif Emoticon

If there is a reason for the native eZ Publish datatypes to be so simple and controlless - what is it? What do you think about it?

The situation is far from hopeless. I mean, creating a datatype is both possible and fun. It's just that we could concentrate on putting together something more interesting than a limit on a string blunk.gif Emoticon But then, maybe it's just my problem... blunk.gif Emoticon


Monday 02 June 2008 8:56:26 am

Hi Piotrek,

I have also thought about a solution allowing the user to set dependencies between attributes during the class edit. The only problem is the required field which will interfere with the classic eZ validation.

For example, for the user class, if you would like only to let the user edit the picture, only if he has typed in an address, you may be blocked by the picture datatype validation function which will tell you that the picture attribute is required.

I guess we can do it. No ?

Monday 02 June 2008 9:18:27 am

Hello Maxime,

I believe I meant a slightly different problem. What you're discussing seems to fall into the category of cross-datatype/attribute validation, which is also on my list of things that would revolutionize eZ Publish options and also stands an interesting challenge.

But what I was referring to is much simpler and with focus on one datatype at a time. eZ Publish native datatypes seem to have been designed to run in enterprise/editorial reality, where freedom of editing is restrained by responsibility. However, as we put eZ Publish into wide community access use, we see that this doesn't work out that well.

One of the best things that could happen would be a restricted XMLBlock with several configuration combinations available per eZ Publish installation. So that for some classes I can restrict (mainly at the server level, the OE level is just a nice option, which should be integrated BTW) some of the tags/operations being performed, and some not.

The examples I gave before also should depict nicely of what's in my mind. In most cases, I'm thinking of missing "min", "max", "allow override" -like attributes at the class attribute edit level.

What do you think of that?


Monday 02 June 2008 11:31:45 am

Hi guys

Cross-datatype and several other kinds of custom validation will be possible in eZ Publish 4.1, primarily based on the idea behind a hack I made long ago:


Modified on Monday 02 June 2008 11:32:14 am by Kristof Coomans

Monday 02 June 2008 1:32:11 pm


Thanks for the info - that's a good news! You've already suggested this hack to me a number of times, and worked as long as I did not have to avoid kernel modifications blunk.gif Emoticon


Monday 02 June 2008 8:56:20 pm

By the way - where/how can I download 4.1 alpha version for testing purposes?

Tuesday 03 June 2008 12:40:23 am

Hi Kristof as you are here,

I was wondering if a class heritage system is possible and if yes, will it be developped by eZSystems ?

Modified on Thursday 19 February 2009 2:42:02 pm by Maxime Thomas

Tuesday 03 June 2008 10:39:25 am

4.1.0alpha1 is not out yet, but you can test it already straight from svn (trunk).

As for the class heritage system, I've read the blog post shortly after it was published and this would indeed be technically possible. No idea however if this is something for the near future.


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