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disable view caching for defined nodes!!!

disable view caching for defined nodes!!!

Thursday 25 September 2003 5:44:57 pm - 4 replies

I'm using Paul Borgermans ezenv contribution, which is great for simple form - system communication (I am controlling an attribute filter with values passed via a form).

Since view_caching must be disabled for it to work, one suffers an immense performance impact.

So being able to disable view caching for the node, you need ezenv functionality, you can still benefit from view caching on all other pages!

I know, it's one-minute-job (maybe five) number 1001, but that would help so much as long there's no global POST/GET variables available!

Thanks very much!

Thursday 25 September 2003 7:12:31 pm

You could use a php accelerator for now to counter-act the loss of ez caching.


Thursday 25 September 2003 7:26:39 pm

I do already, see

Friday 26 September 2003 8:12:34 pm

Could this save your life?

Did not try it yet though


Saturday 27 September 2003 3:52:10 pm

Oh, yes, well worth a try! It seems to be doing just what I want! Thanks very much for pointing me there!



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